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Make Renting Fair

Tenants Victoria created the Make Renting Fair Campaign in 2017 to advocate for the safety, stability and privacy of Victoria’s two million renters.

Together with more than ten thousand individuals and over seventy organisations, we won the most significant positive reforms in Victorian rental laws in over twenty years.

This is a credit to the hard work of many plus an acknowledgement that we are seeing a fundamental change in the nature of renting in Victoria. Instead of a temporary form of housing for a few, renting has become a long-term or permanent form of housing for millions.

We are carefully monitoring the implementation of these changes and will keep supporters updated on their progress and the likely impact on Victorians who rent their homes.

Victoria’s new rental laws

Thank you to everyone who made a submission on the draft regulations. Over 700 submissions were made by Victorian renters through our website and many more were received via Engage Victoria.

The public consultation on the draft regulations has now closed. The new regulations will be released in 2020. See full details at Engage Victoria.

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Tenants Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.