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Are you renting during the coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency?
Are you having any difficulties to do with your rented home due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  • Have you applied for a rent reduction?
  • Have you contacted Consumer Affairs Victoria for dispute resolution?
  • Have you had mediation to resolve a dispute?
  • Have you applied to VCAT?
  • Has your rent been increased?
  • Have you received a Notice to vacate?
  • Have you ended your lease early due to COVID-19?
  • Anything else?

We want to find out about anything that is negatively impacting tenants during this health emergency so we can try and change it. Share your experiences with us. Real life examples are very powerful in lobbying for fairer tenancy laws. Everything will be treated as confidential and only used with your permission. We’ll contact you for permission before we use your story.


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