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Practice resources

These resources are provided for people with experience in tenant advocacy.

Bond payable (July 2008) [pdf,]

Burgess: Eviction in Two Decisions (December 2015) [pdf,]

Challenging the terms of a tenancy agreement (August 2008) [pdf,]

The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and the Residential Tenancies Act (July 2014) [pdf,]

Claiming compensation (June 2015) [pdf,]

Claiming compensation for general inconvenience (June 2011) [pdf,]

Creation of tenancy in public housing (June 2011) [pdf,]

Credit reports and tenancy (March 2010) [pdf,]

Electronic service of notices (June 2017) [pdf,]

Equal Opportunity Act and tenancy law (March 2010) [pdf,]

Eviction by mortgagee (May 2007) [pdf,]

Family violence and tenancy law (February 2009) [pdf,]

Lease breaking and the alternatives (June 2016) [pdf,]

Minors & renting (February 2007) [pdf,]

Mould  (June 2015) [pdf,]

Owners corporations and tenancy (August 2010) [pdf,]

Prohibited debt collection practices and tenancy law (June 2011) [pdf,]

Rent payable  (June 2007) [pdf,]

Rescinding a Tenancy Agreement (June 2013) [pdf,]

Residential Tenancies and the Australian Consumer Law (April 2013) [pdf,]

RTA Part 10A – Residential Tenancy Databases (August 2011) [pdf,]

Subletting (December 2009) [pdf,]

Supported Residential Services  (June 2016) [pdf,]

Telephone lines and internet services in residential tenancies (June 2017) [pdf,]

Tenant advocacy (December 2006) [pdf,]

Tenancy Agreements in Rooming Houses (January 2013) [pdf,]

Third party rent collectors (October 2014) [pdf,]

Unfit for human habitation (August 2010) [pdf,]

VCAT – Adjournments (November 2010) [pdf,]

VCAT – Jurisdiction & Service of Notices to Vacate (December 2006) [pdf,]

VCAT – Representation (December 2006) [pdf,]

VCAT – Reviews (re-opening an Order) (June 2017) [pdf,]

VCAT – Written submissions (December 2006) [pdf,]

Witness and Documents Summons (December 2015) [pdf,]

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