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Tenants’ responsibilities

As a result of Covid-19 you might not be able to comply with all your usual responsibilities and obligations. Read about when you won’t be in breach of your lease or the Act.

What if I can’t fulfil my usual responsibilities because of COVID-19?

If, for a COVID-19 reason, you are unable to comply with your usual responsibilities you will not be in breach of your agreement or your duties under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 from 29 March 2020.

COVID-19 reasons include:

  • if you are ill (whether or not it is due to COVID-19)
  • having to comply with laws, directions and recommendations relating to COVID-19 and its control if you will suffer severe hardship if you do comply, or
  • if there is an exceptional circumstance relating to COVID-19 that makes it impossible, or impractical, to comply.

Note: This change also applies to landlords and their duties under the agreement and the Act.

Can the landlord blacklist me if I can’t pay my rent?

No, you cannot be ‘blacklisted’ for rent arrears caused by the impacts of COVID-19. If the landlord lists you on a tenant database for this reason, you can get the listing removed. See: tenant databases and ‘blacklists’.

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