family violence and your tenancy

    COVID-19 update

    Specialist family violence services remain open during the outbreak of COVID-19. There are also additional resources available online to support people during this time. See:


    family violence protection tenancy kit

    If you live in rental housing and have been affected by family violence (sometimes called domestic violence), see the family violence protection TENANCY KIT ( for information about:

    • Changing the locks
    • Getting an intervention order
    • Staying in the rental property
    • Leaving the rental property
    • Applying to VCAT (including sample applications)
    • Public housing tenants


    Also see the Consumer Affairs Victoria website for information on:
    Changing the rental arrangement in violent situations
    Changing the locks



    The Department of Social Services has contracted the University of South Australia to conduct research that aims to better understand how tenancy laws impact on women and children escaping family and domestic violence. If you are interested in taking part, find more information and a link to the survey here.

    Tenants Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.