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Tenants Victoria Legal Service complaints policy and procedure


Tenants Victoria Legal Service is committed to continuous improvement and we value and want to hear what you think about the quality of our service. We will use your feedback to improve our products and services.

If you have feed back or a complaint with regard to our service or one of our staff members, your feed back can help us improve our service to you and others. We want to know what you like about us and any suggestions about how we could do better.

What you can expect from us

  • We will treat you with respect and courtesy at all times
  • We will protect the privacy and confidentiality of the issues you discuss with us
  • We are committed to providing consistent and accurate information and advice
  • We will be open and honest with you and follow through on our commitments. We will tell you how we make our decisions and how you can check that we are being fair
  • We value your feedback and we will work with you to understand how to improve our services

Your responsibilities

When using our service, we expect you to:

  • Treat our staff with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Not swear at, abuse or threaten our staff or other clients
  • Not use alcohol or illegal drugs whilst on our premises
  • Not enter our work or office areas unless accompanied by a staff member

What information should you provide us?

So we can respond to your complaint or feedback as quickly as possible, we will ask you to:

  • Provide details of your complaint or feedback
  • tell us details of any attempts you have made to resolve the matter
  • tell us your preferred outcome
  • provide a contact phone number
  • be respectful and courteous to staff and other customers
  • tell us if you need help to use our products and services
  • provide complete, accurate and timely information

We may not respond to messages which contain abuse, or material clearly intended to intimidate our staff.

We will accept anonymous complaints however providing your name and contact information will help us to look into your complaint or feedback more effectively.

How to make a complaint or give us feedback

We aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. You should talk to the person you have been dealing with in regard to your feedback or complaint. If you are not satisfied with their response, you may:

Call us

Call (03) 9411 1444 to speak to the Chief Executive Officer, Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

You can ask for an interpreter if your require one.

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment you can use the National Relay Service to call us over the internet.

Write to us

If you prefer to write to us, it can take us longer to respond. If your complaint or feedback is not urgent:

All written correspondence should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Tenants Victoria

P.O. Box 234

Fitzroy VIC 3056

How we handle your complaint or feedback

If you have a complaint, we will respond as quickly as possible. We will let you know if we can resolve the matter or whether we need more time to investigate. Sometimes this may mean we have to speak to someone who is handling your matter. We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint.

We will use information from feed back or complaints to investigate to resolve individual issues and to improve our products and services.


Generally we will contact you within 5 working days and resolve your feedback within 10 working days.

What happens next?

If a complaint cannot be resolved

Where we are unable to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, we will explain why and let you know what other options you have.

Our objective is to resolve your complaint. If this is not possible or you are not happy with our response, you are able to take your complaint to the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner. For information on how to submit a complaint to them, see Making a complaint  (VLSBC website).

Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

Level 5, 555 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000
Post:  GPO Box 492 Melbourne 3001
Ausdoc:  DX 185 Melbourne

Telephone contacts:
Reception: 03 9679 8001
Local call cost: 1300 796 344
Fax: 03 9679 8101

Email: admin@lsbc.vic.gov.au

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