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    general donation for core services

    We deliver an integrated range of services and programs to assist tenants as individuals and as a whole, for short terms needs and to make a long term difference.

    If you want to support our work you can donate to help us do more of what we are already doing:

    • advice and representation for individual tenants
    • producing high quality education resources to empower tenants to help themselves
    • representing tenants in policy and law making to promote positive change and reduce demand for services

    Help fund our vital community work!
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    stop an eviction project

    Every year in Victoria thousands of tenants, including single parents with young children, face eviction for entirely preventable reasons.

    The demand for our services from people in this situation is overwhelming, and one we currently can’t meet due to a lack of funding. You can be part of keeping vulnerable tenants housed by supporting our ‘Stop an Eviction’ project.

    how does it work?

    We intend to employ an advocacy worker to help disadvantaged and vulnerable tenants from being unfairly evicted. This worker will be focused on those individuals and families at immediate risk of eviction and possible homelessness.  We need your financial support to make this a reality.

    You can donate to our ‘Stop an Eviction’ project. A donation of $50 will contribute towards employing an advocacy worker for our ‘Stop an Eviction’ project. Our target is $34,000 (0.5 EFT) or $68,000 (1.0 EFT).

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    email advice service

    A lot of problems can be solved by simple information and advice. That’s what our email service provides. However, we get about five times as many emails as we can respond to. This is because we don’t receive enough funding to provide this high demand service.

    Everybody uses online chats or email these days, so it makes sense that we should be able to help in this way. We would like to provide a high quality and responsive email service to give basic advice and assistance to tenants, and we could really do with your help!

    how does it work?

    We need to raise about $1,000 each week to pay for another qualified and experienced person to answer e-mail enquiries. This would make sure that tenants who contact us needing help would actually get a response.  It would be an efficient way of doing business, if only we could get the funds to make it happen. Even a $25 donation will enable a lawyer to properly respond to 3 tenant emails. You can help us to get a properly funded email response service by making a donation.

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    Another way you can help us provide this important service is to ask the Government to provide more funding.

    Tenants Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.