practice resources

    These practice notes are provided for people with experience in tenant advocacy.

    Bond payable (July 2008)

    Burgess: Eviction in Two Decisions  (December 2015)

    Challenging the terms of a tenancy agreement (August 2008)

    The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and the Residential Tenancies Act (July 2014)

    Claiming compensation  (June 2015)

    Claiming compensation for general inconvenience (June 2011)

    Creation of tenancy in public housing (June 2011)

    Credit reports and tenancy (March 2010)

    Electronic service of notices (June 2017)

    Equal Opportunity Act and tenancy law (March 2010)

    Eviction by mortgagee (May 2007)

    Family violence and tenancy law (February 2009)

    Lease breaking and the alternatives (June 2016)

    Minors & renting (February 2007)

    Mould  (June 2015)

    Owners corporations and tenancy (August 2010)

    Prohibited debt collection practices and tenancy law  (June 2011)

    Rent payable (June 2007)

    Rescinding a Tenancy Agreement (June 2013)

    Residential Tenancies and the Australian Consumer Law (April 2013)

    RTA Part 10A – Residential Tenancy Databases (August 2011)

    Subletting (December 2009)

    Supported Residential Services (June 2016)

    Telephone lines and internet services in residential tenancies (June 2017)

    Tenant advocacy (December 2006)

    Tenancy Agreements in Rooming Houses (January 2013)

    Third party rent collectors (October 2014)

    Unfit for human habitation (August 2010)

    VCAT – Adjournments (November 2010)

    VCAT – Jurisdiction & Service of Notices to Vacate (December 2006)

    VCAT – Representation (December 2006)

    VCAT – Reviews (re-opening an Order) (June 2017)

    VCAT – Written submissions (December 2006)

    Witness and Documents Summons  (December 2015)


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