Tenants Victoria welcomes solar power for renters

Tenants Victoria has welcomed the announcement by Victorian Labor that they will establish a program to facilitate access to solar power for Victorian renters.

This program has the potential to deliver real savings on electricity costs for Victorian renters at a relatively modest fee. The fee for the renter should be more than offset by the savings.

Whilst the take-up rate for solar power has been increasing in the owner occupied housing sector, the rental sector has lagged far behind, limiting access to savings for renters and inhibiting their ability to adapt to climate change.

“This program would mean that there is no excuse for landlords not to provide access to solar power for their tenants. At a relatively low cost to the landlord they can improve the value of their investment property and provide a better and cheaper home for their tenant.” said Mark O’Brien, CEO of Tenants Victoria.

It is important that there are appropriate safeguards for both renters and landlords in the implementation of this program to ensure that the savings are passed on to renters and that less scrupulous landlords don’t exploit the system.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with any future Labor Government and other industry stakeholders to further develop the program details and a robust implementation process.

“On top of the recent rental reforms, this announcement is another positive initiative to enable tenants to make their rented houses into decent and more affordable homes.”