Victoria needs more high quality public housing

Content provided by the Victorian Public Tenants Association on behalf of the Homes for All Campaign


Currently in Victoria, massive house prices are locking a generation out of home ownership and creating more renters than ever before. Growing competition for rental properties is causing rents to skyrocket, so more and more Victorians can no longer afford to rent in the private rental market.

This is putting even more pressure on public housing, with over 82,000 Victorians waiting for a place to call home – including almost 25,000 children.

There’s a problem though – after decades of under-investment, there’s not enough public housing properties to keep up with the need. We have the lowest proportion of public housing in all of Australia. And the amount of properties has remained static for the last 20 years – leaving much of the run-down stock we do have in desperate need of renewal.

Inevitably, the serious lack of affordable homes is creating record levels of homelessness and despair. On any given night, almost 25,000 Victorians are homeless. And another million are living in housing stress.

This is a disgrace.

With a state election looming, the Victorian Public Tenants Association created the Homes for All Campaign to shine a light on the housing crisis in Victoria and demand more public housing for those who need it.

The campaign calls on the Victorian Government, Opposition and Greens Party to commit to:

  • build at least 2,000 new public housing properties each year over the next decade,
  • renew run-down properties that are passed their use-by date, and
  • include public housing in new developments.

The campaign is supported by over 20 organisations, including Victorian Trades Hall Council, National Shelter, VCOSS, Tenants Victoria, Council to Homeless Persons, Justice Connect, and the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

If you too are appalled by the lack of investment in public housing over recent decades and want to see real action on this issue, sign the petition at and email homesforall[@] to find out how you can help spread the word.

It’s up to us to tell all political parties how important building more public housing is.

Because if we don’t have an affordable rental market and enough public housing, people will inevitably be pushed into homelessness.