Tenants Victoria

Tenants Victoria objectives

The principal object of the Tenants Victoria Ltd is to:

(a) provide advice and assistance on legal and other rights relevant to residential tenancies to socially or economically disadvantaged tenants, with the aim of providing direct relief of their poverty, helplessness or misfortune, and also, as ancillary and incidental objects to:

(b) represent tenants and speaking for the collective interests of tenants;

(c) work towards the improvement of the status and rights of tenants and promoting alternatives to the present forms of rental housing;

(d) work towards more just and equitable systems of regulating both rental housing and the rights of tenants;

(e) act with individual tenants and tenants as a group in order to ensure better conditions in rental housing, fairer leases and conditions of tenancy, a more equitable supply of rental housing and the prevention of deceitful, oppressive or unjust practices in the rental market;

(f) promote the establishment of resource centres, advice and co-ordination services for tenants and promoting, as far as possible, autonomous local and regional groups of tenants, affiliated with the company;

(g) inform and educate tenants as widely as possible as to their existing rights and of conditions in the rental market, and conducting research about such conditions and about the specific needs and problems of tenants;

(h) encourage participation by members and tenants’ groups in all activities concerning tenants and in the activities of the company;

(i) ensure representation by, and participation of, tenants as far as possible in law and policy making as it affects tenants or housing;

(j) promote the provision of rental housing that is safe, convenient, and available to all people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs, marital status and family composition, disability or sexual preference; and

(k) take all reasonable steps to provide equitable and accessible services to individuals from socially, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and situations.