policy and research

Tenants Victoria seeks lasting social change that benefits tenants and residents throughout Victoria. We raise issues with decision makers and the general public to effect legislative, policy and procedural change to improve conditions for tenants and residents.

our platform

The policy platform outlines our position on the key issues affecting renters (including residents of rooming houses and caravan parks) and the rental housing sector. The principal role of the policy platform is to inform and encourage discussion and action.

Better Tenancies Policy Platform [pdf, 510kb]

social change

Our Social Change Strategy forms the foundation of our work by defining what kind of social change we would like to see occur, who we think should benefit and how we intend to achieve it. The Strategy identifies key trends that affect the private rental market and key issues that Tenants Victoria is focused on to improve conditions for all tenants.

Social Change Strategy [pdf, 169kb]

research and reports

  • Research – housing and rental statistics, reports and Rental Affordability Bulletins
  • Campaigns – issues faced by tenants and residents in Victoria, and what we can do to address them
  • Submissions – our responses to federal and state inquiries and discussion papers


Tenants Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.