social housing advice line: 1800 068 860

    Free and confidential advice for social housing tenants. Calls are free: 1800 068 860

    Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm

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    who we help

    We help social housing tenants in Victoria. Social housing is short and long-term rental housing that is owned and run by the government or not-for-profit agencies and includes public and community housing.
    If you don’t live in social housing see tenants advice line.

    what we can help you with

    On the social housing tenants help line we can provide free advice about resolving problems with your social housing provider including tenancy issues related to family violence.

    We don’t provide advice on problems between tenants except in cases of family violence or serious threats to personal safety.
    We don’t provide advice on problems between neighbours.
    See Neighbours, the law and you (Victoria Legal Aid website) or contact your local council ( website).
    If you need legal advice you can contact your local community legal centre (FCLC website).

    information and basic advice only

    We try to keep our calls as short as possible but with enough time to respond properly to your enquiry. Our advisers can only provide information and basic advice by phone. If your tenancy problem is complex then we may make an appointment time for you to see us or refer you to another service who can help.

    Your question may already be answered on our website. You can find general legal information on many common tenancy topics as well as fact sheets and step-by-step guides at: advice.

    before you call

    Make sure you have checked the opening and closing times and have the following items handy:

    • pen and paper
    • name of your social housing provider or landlord (for public housing the landlord is the Director of Housing)
    • any relevant documents, including your tenancy agreement, any notices that you have received such as a Notice to Vacate and any letters to or from the landlord

    Tenants Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.